Snype : Conclusive results, today

Snype is consulting firm, specialized in Telecom (Mobile, Landline, Internet, VOD). We accompany our clients at all aspects: from Business needs expression to technical integration, and PMO.

  • Marketing : Customer behaviour, segmentation, churn, up-sell and cross-sell prediction, call profile, market share
  • Commercial : order entry, dealer commissioning and claw-back
  • Customer care : retention models, data quality, campaign management, CRM and Billing integration
  • Finance : Financial reporting, injection to ERP, revenue assurance & fraud, interconnection billing
  • Information systems : billing migrations, tests
  • Technical : provisioning and collecting, signaling error detection


Business Intelligence
& Process Datawarehouse


& Revenue Assurance


& Information system

  • Dashboard specification
  • Customer segmentation & scoring (churn, up-sell, cross-sell)
  • Audit and Roadmap
  • Change Management
  • Audit & Roadmap
  • Campaign Management
  • Process Formalization & Optimization
  • Business Requirements
  • TelcoMind, KPI covering all aspects of the activity, predefined reports and datamining models. Ensure data consistency.
  • Report'Center, web engine to access all of your data sources. Benefit from the functionalities of the biggest at the best TCO.
  • TelcoRAF, Global Revenue assurance & Fraud system, dedicated to telco environments.
  • FuelControl : Track the fuel supply and consumption of your electric generator
  • SnypeSuite, a modular information system for greenfields and mature time provisioning, billing & interconnection, exports to ERP ...)
  • Trafic'Shaper : Analyse Data traffic and manage QOS
  • Reports developments (BO, Crystal, Cognos, BIRT, Jasper, Qlikview)
  • Statistical analysis (KXEN, SAS, SPSS)
  • ETL tools
  • Geomarketing (MapInfo)
  • Call generator installation
  • Signaling probe intégration
  • Bank interfaces supervision
  • IN, Billing and CRM integration
  • Testing
  • Web development
  • Database development